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Recipients chosen for 5th Annual Coulee Hoolie Ceili

The 5th Annual Coulee Hoolie Ceili is scheduled for March 28, 2020. The La Crosse-Bantry Friendship Association has chosen this year's non-profit recipients. Each year the organization chooses non-profits in both La Crosse and Bantry, Ireland with similar missions to benefit from the annual event. The 2020 non-profits include WisCorps, Inc. in La Crosse and Bantry Tidy Towns in Bantry. Both organizations work hard to make their communities beautiful ensuring that the natural areas of the city are clean and healthy.

Past recipients include:

-Mayo Clinic Hospice, Gundersen Hospice & Bantry Hospice

-Sacred Grounds Coffee Sanctuary & Cork ARC Cancer Support House

-La Crosse Area Suicide Prevention & Lisheen's House

-New Horizons & West Cork Women Against Violence

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