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3rd Annual Coulee Hoolie Ceili a huge success

The Coulee Hoolie Ceili, an event of music and dance, came about with an idea to create a benefit for the homeless of La Crosse. After many discussions, on how this would work with our mission statement, came the idea to strengthen our relationship with our sister city of Bantry, Ireland by creating a twining with two like-minded groups, one from La Crosse and one from Bantry. With this event we have now been able to raise funds for several local charities and several charities in Bantry.

This years event has raised $3,000.00 to be divided between Sacred Grounds of La Crosse, a non-profit service to the less fortunate and Arc Cork of Bantry, Ireland, who offers services to those (and their families) dealing with medical issues. 

Dancing the night away!

Special thanks to the Coulee Hooligans for donating their time and talents to make this event so great!

Once again the silent auction was a great success!

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