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12 Aug 2022, Volunteers for Irishfest La Crosse

The 2022 La Crosse Irishfest is fast-approaching! August 12, 13, 14, 2022, we celebrate our love of all things Irish at the 17th Annual La Crosse Irishfest, downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. Of course, LBFA Members and Friends enjoy and volunteer at Irishfest every year, and this year is no exception. Once again, we will serve mussels from Bantry Bay Seafoods as a fundraiser, and we will have our LBFA booth in the Cultural Tent. Irishfest La Crosse provides LBFA with major exposure within our community, helps us raise funds, and this our time to shine and encourage new friends to become members.

When you serve for 3 hours or more, your admission to Irishfest is FREE for that day. To volunteer for LBFA, sign up under "Bantry in Cultural Tent."

To sign up for one or several shifts, click here:

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